Messiah Matters #462 – The True Gospel

Show #462 – the True Gospel Description In this episode, we discuss a question that came in regarding the name of Jesus. In this question someone asks if it is true that a person cannot be saved unless they use the Hebrew name of Jesus (Yeshua) instead of the name “Jesus.” This leads to a […]

Show #461 – Getting Rid of Covenants

Show #461 – Getting Rid Of Covenants Description In this episode, we discuss the Passion narrative and the age old debate of the chronology. A question is posed about the word that is used in the text for “bread”. Why would the author not use the word for unleavened bread if this was truly a […]

Show #460 – What About the New Testament

Show #460 – What About the New Testament Description In this episode, we discuss eating a biblical diet and what that means when we go out to eat. Should we be concerned about unkosher meat being prepared on the same surface as our food? Then we move to the question of whether or not believers […]

Show #459 – Let’s Talk About Qumran

Show #459 – Let’s Talk About Qumran Description In this episode we discuss if Yeshua offered sacrifices when He was on earth, then we turn to the topic of the “Everlasting Covenant.” This term is used numerous times within the biblical text, but what exactly is this covenant?┬áThen we discuss the Qumran sect, if John […]

Show #458 – Who Do You Serve?

Show #458 – Who Do you Serve? Description In this episode, we start by looking at John 14:6 and discussing if non-believing Jews worship the same God as Christians. If non-believing Jews reject Yeshua, how can they be worshipping the same God?┬áThen we move to 1Cor. 10:23 and Paul’s statement that “all things are lawful.” […]

Show #457 – Preach to the Lost

Show #457 – Preach to the Lost Description In this episode, we answer a question about the term wine in the Bible and if this could also mean grape juice. We describe why this would actually take one of Christ’s declarations of deity away from the text if it were read as grape juice. Then […]

Show #456 – What Matters

Show #456 – What Matters Description In this episode, we discuss the difference between the Septuagint (Greek translation of the Tanach) and the Masoretic Text (Hebrew tradition of the Tanach). If a person is wanting to study the original languages, which language should they study to read the Tanach (Old Testament)? Is the Septuagint more […]

Show #455 – Divine Law

Show #455 – Divine Law Description We begin with a discussion about how we as Torah observant believers are going to have problems in mainstream Christian churches because they’re going to disagree. Yet, as brothers and sisters in the Lord, how do we continue to fellowship with fellow believers? Then a look at a clip […]

Show #454 – Babylon Has Fallen

Show #454 – Babylon has Fallen This Week on Messiah Matters The core message of Messiah Matters is that as the institutions of the world collapse, people have a crisis of meaning and their compass of what they thought was North has started spinning. If you’re not part of the light, you’re part of the […]