Show #476 – Law of Sin and Death

Show #456 – What Matters Description In this episode, we respond to a video by Andrew Schumacher that suggests we are not actually dealing with the hard questions posed to the Torah movement, then we look at a comment about Romans 7 and 8 that asks about the law of sin and death. Also, a […]

Show #474 – Atonement for Sin

Show #474 – Atonement for Sins Description In this episode, we discuss an email that came in that asks about animal sacrifice and Leviticus 4:20, 5:10, and 17:11. If the sacrifices didn’t atone for sin, why does the text say it does? How do we explain this? Time Stamps • 4:11 Start • 11:49 Free […]

Show #473 – Remission of Sins

Show #473 – Remission of Sins Description In this episode, we discuss various topics including Matthew 5:32 and the topic of what constitutes a legitimate divorce, what Israel saw as unleavened bread (looking at Exodus 12:34, 39), and how the remission of sins works according to the Bible. Time Stamps • 3:33 Start • 10:33 […]

Show #472 – Yes I’ve Read Galatians

Show #472 – Yes I’ve Read Galatians Description In this episode, we look at Galatians 3:19 to try to shed light on what Paul is talking about in this passage, then we look at Galatians 2:17, but this is just the start of the fun. Join us as we look at more biblical topics as […]

Show #471 – The Law of God

Show #456 – What Matters Description In this episode, we disucss the idea my some that the Ten Commandments are different than the ordinances that were written by Moses. Then we turn to a comment that states that Gentiles don’t have to keep the law because of Ephesians 2:11-16. Finally, a discussion on if Acts […]

Show #470 – Is Scripture Enough?

Show #470 – Is Scripture Enough Description In this episode, we kick things off by responding to an email that asks about being ritually clean for Passover and corpse defilement. Then we move to a question about Sola Scriptura which leads to a discussion on tradition, finally a look at Revelation 19 and if the […]

Show #469 – Friday

Show #469 – Friday Description In this episode, we discuss tzitzit for today and the question of what the Scriptures actually say about this command as opposed to the man-made tradition that has been attached to it. Then we moved to a discussion on Passover and why chronology is an important topic, and then we […]

Show #468 – Let’s Have a Banquet

Show #468 – Let’s Have a banquet Description In this episode, we discuss eating fat and if the command prohibiting such an act (Lev. 7:22-25) means we can’t eat steak anymore, then we turn to Lev. 19:27 and discuss hair cuts, but the show really livens up when we look at 1Cor. 11:26ff and what […]

Show #467 – First Day Sabbath

Show #467 – First Day Sabbath Description In this episode, we begin by looking at Deuteronomy 24.16, a verse that is sometimes used by anti-missionaries and look at what this passage means, then we turn to a video presentation by Doug Wilson on the Sabbath being changed to Sunday and see if Wilson got it […]

Show #466 – Christ is King

Show #466 – Christ is King Description In this episode, we discuss the 2024 “Christ is King” controversy. Although this centers around many political commentators in our modern time, we are looking purely at the theological aspects of the controversy and how we as believers should navigate such phrases when they are hijacked by horrific […]

465-Messiah Matters: Leap Year

Show #465 – Leap Year Description In this episode, a quick discussion on purim and the chronology that is laid out there, then we talk about Hebrew word pictures, what they are and why people should avoid them. Then a quick chat about Christmas tradition, and a short look at passion chronology before we jump […]

Show #464 – Salvation Issue

Show #464 – Salvation Issues Description In this episode, we discuss specific prohibitions on the Sabbath, when the Torah was given to Moses, that is, was it given all at once or over time? And we have a discussion about the Sabbath and obligation. If the Sabbath isn’t a salvation issue, then why are we […]