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Messiah Matters is produced by

TorahResource provides biblically based resources from a Pro-Torah, One Law perspective. This site has thousands of hours of biblically based teaching in audio and video format along with books from a Messianic/pro-Torah perspective. TorahResource has been a leader in bringing scholarship to the One Law community and continues to teach that God’s law is the inheritance of both Jew and Gentile alike in the body of Christ. 

Executive Producers

Eric Warren,
Bob & Larue Miller Shane & Ruth Lunderville
Lee & Vivian Eagen 
Erna Draper 
Bobby Keicher 
John Coulthard 
Elizabeth Marchman
Michael McClure

TorahResource Institute provides high-level education the wider Messianic and One Law community. This online school teaches students from a pro-law perspective and trains leaders to teach and lead the body of Messiah. 

Associate Producers

Mary Smiledge • Levi Mitchell • Angel Ocasio • Ngina Maingi • Patricia Meaden • Eric Warren • Carl Mathias • Erna Draper • Antoinette Pink• Andy & Trini De Groot • Terry Wilson • Paul Mitchell • Susan Lovejoy • Curtis Wilkes • Michael McClure • Anabel Villarreal • Jamie Sexton • Harold Rosin • Kellie Lund • Ronald Acrey • Bryan Dillard • Colleen Knudsen • Rod & Kelly Hackett • Fabio Pavan • Bradley Fiddes • Neil Huff • Robert Miller • Kellie Breslin • Kelly Penland • Mason Brooks • Cincent & Margaret Armijo • Jacob Crumley • Cairn Pittock • Silvia Mondragon • Lois Morgan • Dianne Davidson • Matthew Hill • Cristina Moore Urrutia • Kevin Cozzi • Alexander Bihary • William Lensmire • Lori Noonan 

Season 10 Intro


Lyrics & Vocals = Ben Brandon
Intro Beat = Caleb Hegg
Theme Music = “One Way Street” by Nicholas Major 


This season turn it up to 10
Sorta like a bad habit gonna do it again
Ready or knot we’re gonna tie up some ends
Gotta tell the 36 it’s time to grab all your friends
We’re back like we never left
On track like a treble clef
Skip a beat on the 7th rest
But Bring feasts we won’t pass em over
We’ve got the first fruits no weighted shoulders
The yoke is easy this burden light
Even when the loud mouth tryina eat up the mic
Even if we down south the humidity spiked
The veils torn in two so we gone be alright
It’s all grace until the Hoff goes off
Heretics better run before the top blows off
Got em all stood still like a jaw full of Botox
Time to break em down like a jaw on a blow pop
Don’t stop their in need of it though
Through grace by faith they could easily grow
New wave new age new way to see bro?
Nah one truth, life, one way to His throne
Uh we can’t live on that bread alone
Every word of God’s mouth will fuel me on
That’s scripture, that’s Christ alone, that’s grace alone, that’s faith alone
All glory to God it’s His alone
And since the lambs been slain we can each belong
The Lord is my strength, my peace and my song
And I’ll lay it all down at the feet of His throne
So relax God is still in control
He knows every care every fear that you hold
He knows every hair every need of your soul
Nothin new round here this story’s been told
I bet You feel weak and your life is in tatters
Bruised feet and body is battered
You can’t reach Tryina climb up the ladder
Sit back and hold fast to Messiah Matters

Core Beliefs

1. The five solas 
2. The Trinity 
3. The Doctrines of Grace 
4. Pronomianism, i.e. that the laws of God apply to both Jew and Gentile and are applicable today. 
5. That the Church does not replace Israel but enlarges her. 

Rob and Caleb are both Sabbatarians and hold to the belief that Christ’s work on the cross did not do away with the Sabbath or the biblical festivals. At the core of the Gospel message is the Abrahamic covenant and the belief that God brings Jews and Gentiles into His covenant through the shed blood of Christ on the cross. Because of this, both Jew and Gentile are given the gift of covenant relationship with God.  

Rob Vanhoff

AKA The Hoff

Rob teaches courses on 2nd Temple Period, Rabbinic Literature, Judaism, Koine Greek, Biblical Hebrew, and Aramaic at TorahResource Institute. He has delivered papers at conferences for both Evangelical Theological Society and the Society of Biblical Literature. Rob holds two degrees from the University of Washington: MA, Comparative Religion (2005) and BA, Near Eastern Languages & Civilization, with a minor in Music (2003).

Caleb Hegg

AKA Loud Mouth

Caleb’s theological background comes from years of study under his father Tim Hegg, and from attending classes at TorahResource Institute where he received a two-year certificate. He is currently enrolled at Southern Baptist Theological Seminary where he is pursuing an M.Div. Caleb is also the founder of, a site dedicated to the study of God’s covenants and law.


How it started

In 2002, Tim Hegg created a website called TorahResource as a platform to be able to share his articles and books. Four years later his son Caleb Hegg started working for his dad in a makeshift office in Tim’s garage. It had been Tim’s dream to create an online school for the Messianic community and in 2011 that dream became a realization when he brought on additional staff and created TorahResource Institute. 

One of the teachers Tim brought on was Rob Vanhoff. During the first year of classes, Tim realized that many people within his own community and at the school were asking the same questions about various theologies in the Messianic movement. Tim suggested that a resource be created where people could get answers to commonly asked questions.

In the beginning, we were not quite sure how this would work, but we decided that the best format would be for Rob and Caleb to start a weekly show that would answer some of these commonly asked questions. The initial thought was to have 20 to 25 shows that could be accessed on a webpage. After some thought and a bit more consideration we brought our friend Mark in to help create a internet radio station that would play music and some of Tim’s teachings throughout the week and would also play Rob and Caleb’s show live. 

On December 5th, 2012, TR-Radio launched with the first show being The Rob & Caleb Show. Around show #31 we decided to include a video element and we started broadcasting the show via YouTube which quickly became the main format of the show.

It took us about 200 shows to figure out exactly how we wanted to format the show and how to run things. On show #201 we changed the format and the name of the show and started calling it “Messiah Matters.” It was at this point that we really felt like we started what has now become our weekly show. 

What is the "36"?

During one of the first few seasons, a self-deprecating joke was made that the show only had 36 listeners. This joke stuck as our listeners began to note that they were “one of the 36.” Since then the “36 listeners” is the continued joke that many of our original listeners continue to hold to and one we make with sencere affection. In reality, the 36 are any regular viewers/listeners to the show.