Show #106 – Impossible Love

Rob has the day off, so Caleb interviews Dr. Craig Keener and Dr. Médine Keener on their new co-authored book, “Impossible Love” due out in April 2016.

Show #111 – Simonides Affair

Was the discovery of Codex Sinaiticus by Tischendorf as great as everyone thinks? Or is this codex a forgery, as Constantine Simonides claimed?

Show #117 – Boyarin Metatron Shaffer Lectures

The guys discuss a lecture series by Dr. Daniel Boyarin, presented at the 2016 Shaffer Lectures in Theology at Yale Divinity School. In this three-part lecture series titled, “Enoch or Jesus? The Quest of the Historical Metatron,” Boyarin looks at the formation of the “Lesser YHVH” within Jewish literature throughout history. The guys look at […]

Show #118 – APMF Recap

Caleb is back from the Philippines and the guys discuss his trip and some of the beliefs and perspectives the Messianics in the Asian Pacific have. Also, a look at the replica of the arch at Bell's temple being places in Time Square is discussed.

Show #120 – Yeshua on ReTrial

Several stories from the past week in the Christian world are looked at, one of which brings up the question, “Should pastors be giving spontaneous prophetic words during service?” Then a look at a video featuring an orthodox rabbi that discusses Yeshua and his “second” coming. Then a look at John 6. What does Yeshua […]

Show #149 – Two Lectures

The guys are traveling back from the ETS and SBL so the two lectures presented in the Masorah section by Tim Hegg and Rob Vanhoff and the 2016 SBL are featured.

Show #148 – Q&A

Rob takes the week off so Tim Hegg (Caleb's Father) sits in. Listener questions are discussed and answered. Included, a short look at Trinitarian doctrine in the Tanach, training for leaders, who or what is the Babylon talked about in Revelation 12? And is it wrong to call someone “Father” (Matt23).

Show #147 – What’s in a Name?

The guys discuss the name Yeshua and some of the newer pronunciations that are starting to be used. They then turn to a discussion on the doctrine of the Trinity.

Show #146 – Synagogue of Satan

Matthew Nolan and David Perry's teaching on Melchizedek are looked at. Also a look at Matthew Nolan's teaching on the Synagogue of Satan taught at Torah to the Tribes.

Show #145 – Mail Bag

Various topics including Messianics and Mezuza's, the Shema. The reunification of Israel and Judah. Is the Angel of the Lord a pre-incarnate Yeshua?

Show #143 – Priest, Sacrifice, Atonement

An email asking about past statements about sacrifices in the millennial temple is discussed. Also, a brief discussion on Yom Kippur, and a look at the Melchizedek Priesthood.

Show #142 – Critical Review

The guys discuss what it means to be critical and how believers should look critically and with discernment towards teachings and teachers.