Show #245 – Reflecting on Hanukkah

This week we discuss Hanukkah and the time that we have just spent reflecting on the miracle recounted in 1Macc. Then we turn to some questions about giving unkosher food to the stranger (Deut. 14:21) and to the idea of allowing disobedience to reveal His mercy (Romans 11:32).  Executive Producers for this show: Bob Miller, […]

Show #243 – Only for Israel

We look at several clips that peaked our interest, one discusses why Jews don't believe in Jesus, the other is a clip from Dr. Michael Brown that looks at Lev. 11 and the kosher laws. We also have several emails to look at. Executive Producers for this show: Bob Miller, Larue Miller,, Virginia Powers, […]

Show #241 – Plagiarizing Customs & Observances

This week we look at Community and the situation that has occurred within the Torah movement where people have no communities. Then we move to comments by an orthodox Rabbi suggesting Torah observant Christians have plagiarized customs and observances from Judaism. Executive Producers for this show: Bob Miller, Larue Miller,, Virginia Powers, John Coulthard, […]

Show #239 – Under Law

This week we begin with a quick discussion about women and tzitzit, and then turn to Galatians 4:4. What does it mean that Yeshua was born “under law?” Often, those within mainstream Christianity will argue that this means Yeshua was born in a time when the Torah needed to be observed, but after His death […]

Show #237 – Filled and Fulfilled

On this weeks show we cover various topics including women and tzitzit, the idea of heart and mind in the Tanach, evil spirits in the Tanach, what does it mean the Law is fulfilled (Matt. 5:17) and a continued discussion from last weeks show about the indwelling of the Holy Spirit in Acts. Executive Producers […]

Show #236 – The Holy Spirit in Acts, Where is it Today?

This week we listen to some voicemails that talk about Kosher laws and calendar issues, then we turn to a discussion about Elijah and what exactly it means that John the Baptist came in his spirit. Then we turn to the Holy Spirit in the book of Acts and discuss the idea that this kind […]

Show #235 – Why People are Leaving the Church

This week we follow up on some comments made last week, then we turn to the festival of Sukkot and the various aspects of this festival, and some of the common misconceptions about this wonderful holiday. Then we look at reasons we believe people are leaving the Church. Executive Producers for Show 224: Bob Miller, […]

Show #234 – Capital H “Heretic”

This week we look at some comments made by a prominent apologist and pastor who suggests that believers who “resurrect” the dietary laws are “capital H, Heretic[s].” We also look at a comment left on one of our videos that states catechisms are a Christian invention and should therefore be rejected by Messianic Jews. Also, […]

Show #233 – Jerusalem Council

In this show we begin a look at Acts 15 and the Jerusalem Council. Four prohibitions are given to the Gentiles, but what do they mean and why were these four things chosen? Executive Producers for Show 233: Bob Miller, Larue Miller,, Anonymous Associate Producer for Show #233: Gary Elkins

Show #232 – Hebrew VS Greek Mindset

This week we discuss a Hebrew VS Greek mindset and how these positions can be different. We also discuss how this distinction between mindsets can be used to cover bad theology. Also, a recap of Rob's trip to Trinidad and the TorahResource Institute Family Camp. Executive Producers for Show 224: Bob Miller, Larue Miller,, […]

Show #231 – Was Yeshua Created?

This week we look at various topics including, the difference between vows and oaths, what the sabbath is a sign of, and two questions are discussed from the book of Revelation, and ones again the question of Yeshua’s deity is addressed.

Show #230 – Deity Apologetics

This week we begin by looking at a question about transgression of the law under pain of death, then we continue our look at various arguments that Yeshua (Jesus) is a created being, and how these fall flat. Executive Producers for Show 224: Bob Miller, Larue Miller,, Anonymous Associate Producer for Show #224: Gary […]