Show #462 - the True Gospel


In this episode, we discuss a question that came in regarding the name of Jesus. In this question someone asks if it is true that a person cannot be saved unless they use the Hebrew name of Jesus (Yeshua) instead of the name “Jesus.” This leads to a discussion on what the true Gospel is and how the Gospel message has been distorted throughout time. Branching out from here we look at the Catholic view of the Gospel which has changed over time, as weel as a discussion the the biblical covenants, which finally leads to a conversation on if the Holy Spirit indwelled believers before Acts 2.

Time Stamps

• 3:41 Start
• 14:17 Are We Saved If We Use the Name “Jesus?”
• 20:21 What is the Gospel?
• 27:45 The Catholic Church’s Teachings that have Changed
• 34:19 Did the Holy Spirit Indwell People Before Acts 2?

Executive Producers

Bob & Larue Miller, Lee & Vivian Eagen, Erna Draper, Bobby Keicher, John Coulthard, Michael McClure, Cliff & Karen White, Ben Olver, Michele, Sue Lavey, Gina Anderson, David McDonald.