In this episode we look at Revelation 3:5 and the suggestion that this means you can lose your salvation. Then we turn to the transmission of the Torah and how it was handed down in ancient times.

7:42 Hobby Lobby
10:50 Revelation 3:5
29:39 How was the Torah written down
35:11 Were the Torah scrolls put away during the 2nd Temple period
37:10 When the 2nd Temple was destroyed, were all the copies of the Torah destroyed too
47:09 When did people start substituting traditions for the written law of God?
52:27 Side discussion on the Doctrines of Grace
57:25 When did Rabbis replace the priesthood?
1:06:45 Close

Executive Producers of this episode: Grace Correa, Kellie Lund, Erna Draper, Elizabeth Vivian Ruth Lunderville, Bob & Larue Miller, Sean Ryan, Tanner McGinn

This show is produced by:


Growing in Messiah

Rob on the Rock

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