Show #453 - The Gospel


Extending grace based on biblical principles, caution in Torah observance, and challenges of maintaining faith in the face of institutionalized beliefs and isolation. Hanukkah reminds us to be a light in the world and extend forgiveness. Also, the tearing of the temple curtain during the crucifixion signifies the accessibility of God through the New Covenant, challenging the traditional interpretation and emphasizing the role of Yeshua’s high priesthood and sacrifice. Women’s teachings in Torah observant circles are questioned, and we advice discernment and skepticism towards certain teachers and leaders. Season 11 is starting next week, and the audience is asked for suggestions on what to talk about.

Time Stamps

• 4:42 Start
• 13.00 Is Torah Observance Part of the Gospel Message?
• 24:34 Should Believers Separate Over Issues of Torah Observance?
• 34:35 The Message of Hanukkah for Today
• 41:25 What Happens to us When we Die?
• 46:34 The Tearing of the Veil
• 56:54 Women Teachers in the Torah Movement


Executive Producers

Bob & Larue Miller
Lee & Vivian Eagan 
Erna Draper 
Bobby Keicher 
John Coulthard 
Ben Olver