Show #454 - Babylon has Fallen

This Week on Messiah Matters

  • The core message of Messiah Matters is that as the institutions of the world collapse, people have a crisis of meaning and their compass of what they thought was North has started spinning.
  • If you’re not part of the light, you’re part of the darkness, inevitably leading to the desire for the genocide of the Jews.
  • The deeper meaning of the phrases “forever” in the Torah that talk about statutes being throughout generations and forever is a topic of examination and interpretation.
  • The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom, and those who practice it have a good understanding.
  • The Holy Spirit indwelled people for salvation since the beginning of time, according to Paul in Romans 8.
  • The idea that the church replaces Israel has led to a lot of bad theology.
  • A discussion on exile and how even though God is with Israel in the camp, the Israelites are still wandering in the wilderness and in exile because they have not trusted in God and are not part of the New Covenant.
  • If our desperation for messiah’s justice is not permeating our thoughts and life, we still have investment in worldly institutions that will ultimately crumble.