Show #458 - Who Do you Serve?


In this episode, we start by looking at John 14:6 and discussing if non-believing Jews worship the same God as Christians. If non-believing Jews reject Yeshua, how can they be worshipping the same God? 
Then we move to 1Cor. 10:23 and Paul’s statement that “all things are lawful.” How can Paul make such a statement when clearly, not all things are lawful? 
Finally, a discussion about righteousness and justification in light of Deut. 6:25.

Time Stamps

• 3:39 Start
• 8:07 Do Non-Believing Jews Worship the Same God as Christians?
• 27:35 “All things are lawful”? Looking at 1Cor. 10:23
• 45:51 Our Righteousness and Deut. 6:25

Executive Producers

Bob & Larue Miller, Lee & Vivian Eagen, Erna Draper, Bobby Keicher, John Coulthard, Michael McClure, Cliff & Karen White, Ben Olver, Michele, Sue Lavey, Gina Anderson, David McDonald.