Show #456 - What Matters


In this episode, we discuss the theological position of standard Messianic Judaism that many parts of the Torah are ethnical markers for Jews. Where does such a theology come from and is it biblical? Then we move to a discussion on Matthew 7:7. What exactly are we allowed to ask for that we will receive? Then a conversation on generational curses and blood curses. Is this a biblical concept? Is there a way to break such curses? And most importantly, what does the Bible say about this concept?

Time Stamps

• 3:35 Start
• 6:06 Martial Arts
• 11:22 Messianic Theology – Are There Commands Only for Jews?
• 35:58 Matthew 7.7 What Will God Give Us?
• 41:59 Family Curses and Blood Curses
• 56:23 Is Baptism the Same as a Mikvah?

Executive Producers

Bob & Larue Miller, Lee & Vivian Eagen, Erna Draper, Bobby Keicher, John Coulthard, Michael McClure, Cliff & Karen White, Ben Olver, Michele, Sue Lavey, Gina Anderson, David McDonald, Tanner McGinn.