Show #469 - Friday


In this episode, we discuss tzitzit for today and the question of what the Scriptures actually say about this command as opposed to the man-made tradition that has been attached to it. Then we moved to a discussion on Passover and why chronology is an important topic, and then we discussed the claim that John actually says Yeshua died on Friday. Finally, a discussion on the cup of wine talked about in Luke, is there one cup or two found in this Gospel narrative?

Time Stamps

• 3:47 Start
• 9:55 A Discussion on Tzitzit in our Modern Time
• 26:59 Crucifixion and the Word Friday
• 37:03 One Cup or Two?


Executive Producers

Bob & Larue Miller, Lee & Vivian Eagen, Erna Draper, Bobby Keicher, John Coulthard, Michael McClure, Cliff & Karen White, Ben Olver, Michele, Sue Lavey, Gina Anderson, David McDonald, Tanner McGinn.