Show #374 – Not Logical

In this episode, we discuss the Sabbath after the resurrection of Christ. We also follow up on our discussion from last week and the idea that New Testament believers only drake “new wine.” 0:00 Introduction 5:09 New wine discussion 12:20 Sabbath keeping after Jesus 30:12 Who is the bride of Yeshua 38:00 Thoughts on Karaites […]

Show #373 – Water to Juice

In this episode, we discuss some follow-up on the word “Christian”, and finally, get to the topic of alcohol in the Bible. 0:00 Introduction 4:19 Keeping the Law of God as a covenant member 12:30 Is it a sin for a Christian to drink wine? 39:31 How do we in the Church provoke the Jews […]

Show #372 – The Term “Christianity”

In this episode, we discuss the wore “Christian,” “Judaism,” and “Messianic Judaism” and attempt to show how these terms have been used historically and how they now play out in our modern time. 0:00 Introduction 7:03 The term Christianity 25:50 Messianic Judaism 43:06 Is Messianic Judaism a denomination of Christianity 55:00 Closing Executive Producer: Lee […]

Show #371 – Let’s Talk About Law

In this episode, we discuss various aspects of the sacrificial system and look at what these things actually did. Were sins actually atoned for with sin sacrifices? Also, we look at the term “Pronomian” and how some people want to make this a “movement” even though it’s not. 0:00 Introduction 5:16 Pronomian Theology 8:51 Shouldn’t […]

Show #370 – What’s in a Name?

In this episode, we discuss the canonization of the Apostolic Scriptures (New Testament) and if this is even valid if the Jewish authorities didn’t approve it. This argument centers around the text in Romans 3:2. Then we turn to claims about the Sacred Name of God and how some have suggested the pronunciation should be. […]

Show #369 – What is Christianity (Christmas Special

In this episode, we discuss the term Christian and attempt to understand how this word is used in modern times. We also look at the Greek word meaning “forbidden” in the New Testament. 0:00 Intro 3:33 Christmas Discussion 12:18 Mike Jones 14:40 Does Christmas have pagan roots? 33:10 What is the definition of Christian? 46:20 […]

Show #368 РA Son Shall Not Pay…

In this episode, we discuss King David and the punishment given for his sin with Bathsheba. The we move to the Oneness Pentecostal movement and discuss how this group came into existence and some of the red flags that came with its birth. 0:00 Introduction 5:05 A son shall not pay for the sins of […]

Show #367 – Theology Matters

In the first episode in season 9, we discuss the reason we continue to do this show and some of the thought that goes into our weekly prep. We also touch on the last supper and the reason bread and wine are present, then we move to a calendar question. 0:00 Introduction 5:25 Why I […]

Show #366 – Unpopular Laws of god

In this episode, we discuss the sacrificial system and sin offerings, then we look at a question concerning Gentiles and the laws of God, and finally a quick look at the elements of the last supper. 0:00 Introduction 3:03 Discussion of the future Temple 12:53 The sin sacrifice as a purification offering 18:36 The sons […]

Show #365 – Sacrifices in the Millennium?

In this episode, we go through a bunch of emails that tie up loose ends including, Heiser and two YHVH’s, where does it say that Judah the Prince wrote down the Mishnah? Is the breaking of bread and drinking the cup at the last supper due to it be erev shabbat? And will there be […]

Show #364 – Paul and Sacrifice

In this episode, we discuss Romans 14 and how this relates to food. Then we turn to Acts 21 and Paul going to the temple to offer sacrifice. Does Paul and the Apostles have two different views of sacrifice? How does this work with the idea that Christ is the sacrifice to end all sacrifices? […]

Show #363 – CRT and the Church

In this episode, we discuss Israel becoming a state and whether this should be viewed as Israel coming out of exile. Then we look the Shmita year and how exactly Israel should calculate this. Then we turn to the topic of Critical Race Theory and “wokeness” in the Church. 0:00 Intro & Upcoming SBL discussion […]