In this episode, we discuss the sacrificial system and sin offerings, then we look at a question concerning Gentiles and the laws of God, and finally a quick look at the elements of the last supper.

0:00 Introduction
3:03 Discussion of the future Temple
12:53 The sin sacrifice as a purification offering
18:36 The sons of the priest
23:35 The sacrificial system in the millennial reign
35:58 Unclean food laws and how to get clean
37:34 The blood that makes atonement
45:10 Jewish vs Christian
48:53 Laws for Jews and Gentiles
52:33 Jewish vs Christian revisited
55:53 The Priesthood
59:06 Closing

Executive Producer: Lee & Vivian Eagan, Erna Draper, Bob & Larue Miller, Levi Mitchell, Kristina Johnson, Ruth Lunderville.

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Rob Vanhoff
Rob teaches courses on 2nd Temple Period, Rabbinic Literature, Judaism, Koine Greek, and Aramaic. He has delivered papers at conferences for both Evangelical Theological Society and the Society of Biblical Literature. He serves at Heart of Messiah Ministries in Spokane Valley. Rob holds two degrees from the University of Washington: MA, Comparative Religion (2005) and BA, Near Eastern Languages & Civilization, with a minor in Music (2003).

Caleb Hegg is the co-founder of Growing in Messiah, a ministry dedicated to helping Christians live and understand their faith. Hegg is also the co-host of Messiah Matters, a weekly show that looks at theology and doctrine. Along with this, Hegg is a co-pastor at Alive in Messiah, a non-denominational Church in Tacoma, WA. Caleb has lectured at various conferences around the world, and written multiple published articles, most notably, several articles in “Celebrate the Feast” (TorahResource, 2019). Education: Caleb Hegg received a two-year certificate from TR-Institute. Caleb is currently enrolled at Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in an M.Div program.

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