In this episode, we discuss Bible translations including “The Scriptures 2009” the “CSB” and many more. Also, why do we have so many English translations? Does this prove the Bible is false?

Other Resources

What English Version of the Apostolic Scriptures Should I Read? 

Genesis 18:22 & the Tiqqune Sopherim

Introductory Comments
7:56 Bible Translations
21:40 What are your top 5 Bible versions
31:23 Problems with “The Scriptures” translation
43:58 Problems with the HCSV
46:16 What about relying on our own translation?
57:19 Speaking with Muslims about translations
1:04:54 Close

Executive Producers of this episode: Grace Correa, Lew & Erna Draper, John Coulthard, Anabel Villarreal, Matt Gerard, Bob & Larue Miller

This show is produced by:


Growing in Messiah 

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