In this episode, we discuss the term “Old Covenant” and see how it is actually used within the Scriptures. Then we turn to the Scripture’s presentation of the Law. Why does Paul talk about being “under law” while David talks about the law being wonderful and good?

Time Stamps

Intro – 6:00 Intro

6:00 – 29:38 How do we define the Old Covenant

29:38 – 41:25 What is being referred to as “old” in Hebrews?

41:25 – 59:50 To what extent are we grafted into Israel?

59:50 – End Closing

Spirituality: Are We Better Off Now – Tim Hegg…

Executive Producers of this episode: Erna Draper, Anabel Villarreal, Ruth Lunderville, Bob & Larue Miller

This show is produced by:

TorahResource  & Growing in Messiah 

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