In this episode, we discuss the idea that some laws are only for specific people, then we consider the idea of using a consistent hermeneutic when reading the Torah.

Time Stamps

Intro – 8:17 The Brams Institute of FFOZ

8:17 – 12:30 New jingle and producers

12:30 – 27:35 Do Torah commands change? Are there laws that dont apply to me?

27:35 – 34:37 How do we number the commands?

34:37 – 58:51 Mixing fabrics & tzitzit discussion

58:51 – End Closing

Executive Producers of this episode: Sue Lavey, Kellie Lund, Erna Draper, Anabel Villarreal, Ruth Lunderville, Bob & Larue Miller, Sean Ryan

This show is produced by:

TorahResource –​​​​​

Growing in Messiah –

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