In this episode, we look at the subtle way some have fallen into the idea that Hebrew is a holy language, also a look at the Jewish practice of praying to the dead, and a discussion about 1John 5:16-17 and the sin leading to death.

Time Stamps

Intro – 00:57 Intro

00:57 – 2:16 Audio missing

2:16 – 21:02 Considering the assertion that Hebrew is a holy language

21:02 – 37:47 Issues with Chabad

37:47 – 38:44 Plug for “Themes in Galatians”

38:44 – 53:13 The Sin Leading to Death

53:13 – End Closing

Executive Producers of this episode: Sue Lavey, Kellie Lund, Erna Draper, Anabel Villarreal, Ruth Lunderville, Bob & Larue Miller, Sean Ryan, Austin Bowen, Lee and Vivian Eagen, Tanner McGinn

This show is produced by:


Growing in Messiah

Rob on the Rock

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