In this episode, we discuss the idea of sin and predestination, then we move to the term “sons of God” in the Tanach and Dr. Michael Heiser’s thesis, and finally look at modern Judaism and ask if Kabbalistic belief has a foundation in anything good?

Time Stamps

Intro – 13:00 Intro

13:00 – 20:08 Discussion on the “age of accountability”

20:08 – 30:33 Sons of god / Beni Elohim

30:33 – 44:39 Dr Heiser’s theory of monolotry

44:39 – 47:34 What is Genesis 6 talking about

47:34 – 51:58 Are any of the world views in the Kabbalah rooted in the Torah?

51:58 – 56:28 When Hasidic go to shul, how do they hold on to pagan beliefs that the Torah prohibits

56:28 – End Closing

Executive Producers of this episode: Sue Lavey, Kellie Lund, Erna Draper, Anabel Villarreal, Ruth Lunderville, Bob & Larue Miller, Sean Ryan, Austin Bowen, Lee and Vivian Eagen, Tanner McGinn

This show is produced by:


Growing in Messiah

Rob on the Rock

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