Show #416 - The Rapture

In this episode, we discuss why the Apocrypha books are not considered part of Scripture, then we move to a discussion on how those who believe in the Sabbath and the kosher laws should submit to pastors that reject such things, and finally a discussion on the rapture and what our views of a pre-trib rapture are. 

Executive Producer: Bob & Larue Miller, Shane & Ruth Lunderville, Lee & Vivian Eagen, Erna Draper, Bobby Keicher, John Coulthard, Elizabeth Marchman, Michael McClure. 

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Rob Vanhoff Rob teaches courses on the 2nd Temple Period, Rabbinic Literature, Judaism, Koine Greek, and Aramaic. He has delivered papers at conferences for both the Evangelical Theological Society and the Society of Biblical Literature. He serves at Heart of Messiah Ministries in Spokane Valley. Rob holds two degrees from the University of Washington: MA, Comparative Religion (2005) and BA, Near Eastern Languages & Civilization, with a minor in Music (2003). 

Caleb Hegg is the founder of, a site dedicated to the study of God’s covenants and law. Caleb has lectured at various conferences around the world, and written multiple published articles, most notably, several articles in “Celebrate the Feast” (TorahResource, 2019). Caleb Hegg received a two-year certificate from TR-Institute. Caleb is currently enrolled at Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in an M.Div program.

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