Show #475 - What's Written on the Heart?


In this episode, we discuss several comments that challenge our view of the law and God writing the law of Moses on our hearts. If God didn’t write the law of Moses on our hearts, what did He write on there? Also, a discussion on the seat of Moses in Matthew 23.

Time Stamps

• 3:34 Start
• 10:55 Mosaic Law Written on the Heart?
• 18:37 Romans 7.4-5
• 33:00 What is the Seat of Moses?
• 43:40 Old Covenant and the Sacrifices


Executive Producers

Bob & Larue Miller, Lee & Vivian Eagen, Erna Draper, Bobby Keicher, John Coulthard, Michael McClure, Cliff & Karen White, Ben Olver, Michele, Sue Lavey, Gina Anderson, David McDonald.

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