Show Notes 413 - Pre-existence of the Soul

Time Stamps

3:44 – Intro

10:00 – Intro to FFOZ and their ministry

17:19 – Who is the audience?

23:10 – The article in question

27:11 – The word “Judaism”

35:20 – Jewish Mysticism

47:12 – Platonic Thought

50:23 – Sola Scriptura and Jewish Authority



In this episode we discuss an article produced by FFOZ in their Torah Club. In this article Daniel Lancaster argues that the pre-existents of the soul should be accepted doctrine because Judaism has accepted it. This leads us to a discussion about authority, sola scriptura, and the place of Jewish mysticism in the life of a believer.

Quotes Used

” Juaism takes it for granted that the soul has its origin (like everything else within this universe) in the six days of creation. In other words, it pre-exists its incarnation into the body, but it does not pre-exist the creation of the universe. (Note that this is not the type of  pre-existence taught in Platonic schools of thought, which posit that all souls are part of the Divine Logos and therefore pre-exist the creation of the physical universe. instead, Judaism considers souls to be created beings like angels and spirits.)”


“First Fruits of Zion provides Messianic Jewish teaching to Christians and Jews. In other words, we use Jewish sources and Jewish thought bring light to the Bible. That’s the interpretive principle behind the Torah Club commentaries.”


“The pre-incarnate existence of  the sould is never explicitly stated… We can’t prove it from the Bible. We can only prove the pre-incarnate existence of the soul if we rely upon the teachings of the sages and Jewish theology. First Fruits of Zion has never claimed to present sola Scriptura interpretations of the Bible… The reason we believe in the pre-incarnate existence of the soul is because that’s what Judaism teaches on the subject.”

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