Show #431 – Modern Day Donatism?

Show #431 – Modern Day Donatism? In this episode, we look at the apology by Anthony Bass and how these kinds of things actually reflect on the modern Church. We also look at group two-way conversations with God. Yes, you read that correctly.

Show #430 – Communion

Show #430 – Communion In this episode, we look at a question that asks, if the Lord’s Supper commanded in the Bible is actually Passover, then what are the implications of the Church’s institution of communion on a regular basis?

Show #429 – Sacraments

Show #429 – Sacraments In this episode, we look at Romans 7:4 and discuss if this passage really means we as Christians don’t have to keep the law, then we move to the biblical support for believers in Yeshua keeping a kosher diet. Our main topic looks at a comment left that suggests we are […]

Show #428 – Receipts Please

Show #428 – Receipts Please In this episode, we discuss how circumcision is a sign of the virgin birth, then we move to the history and transmission of the Mishanah and how the commonly held narrative is not correct and is no longer being accepted by scholars.

Show #427 – Something in the Water

Show #427 – Something in the water In this episode, we discuss baptism and mikvah. Are these the same thing, or is there a difference? Then, a discussion on Messianic congregations vs Christian Churches, should these two things look different?

Show #426 – Internet Theology

Show #426 – Internet Theology In this episode, we discuss the suggestion that Paul and Yeshua quote the rabbinical literature, then we turn to a question about circumcision in the ANE. Finally, a conversation about getting theological help online as opposed to in your faith community.

Show #425 – Passover VS Easter

Show #425 – Passover VS Easter In this episode, we discuss salvation before, during, and after Christ. Has the way of salvation changed over time? Also, if it is “obscured” to have someone who does not believe in Christ teach Christians about Christ, what about people like Mark Nanos and other scholars that don’t believe? […]

Show #424 – What About All the Verses?

Show #424 – What About All the Verses In this episode, we discuss the New Perspective on Paul and how this would work against all the verses that talk about salvation by works. Also, a discussion on the term “walking before God”, then we discuss passover outside of the land and if a person must […]

Show #423 – Later Additions

Show #423 – Later Additions In this episode, we discuss the claim that the Apostolic Writers quote the Apocrypha, a look at the historical placement of Esther, canonical debates, Hebrew Roots Theology as symptoms of bigger problems, and more.

Show 422 – Rightly Divide

Show #422 – Rightly Divide In this episode, we discuss 2Tim 2:15 and what exactly it means to rightly divide the Word, then we move to a discussion on the term “chosen”, and finally we look at the use of cultural context to interpret Scripture.

Show #421 – Why All the Theater?

Show #421 – Why All the theater? In this episode, we discuss a comments that  challenges our view on dispensationalism, why  animal sacrifice? Then, we move to the hymn “Onward Christian Soldier” and talk about the lyrics and history of this song. Finally, a discussion on disagreements with accepted doctrine and how believers should challenge […]

Show #420 – What is the Gospel (Again)

Show #420 – what is the gospel (again) In this episode, we look at what we do on the Sabbath if we attend a Sunday Church, then we look at the laws of Torah and if they should be kept outside the land of Israel, finally a look and what exactly is the Gospel.  Executive […]